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1. Can we add your product line on various Marketplaces and our website? Do you offer dropship ?

Of course, you can put our products on various marketplaces and your website. But you have to tell us the detailed info about them so that we can support you and protect your benefit better.

As we are the brand, we don’t sell the product to the end customers directly and thedistributors should have the ability to do drop-ship. 

2. Is there any minimum order quantity I need to order?

If you are the new distributor from a new market, to show our sincerity of cooperation, the MOQ could be only one small box for you. And to support you with our best, you can mix the articles. 

3. Can we get some samples?

Of course you can. To show our sincerity or cooperation, we can send each customer 2 samples for FREE (you can choose the items from the whole collection except the 3 biggest items ‘ZOO’, ‘AMOUR’ and ‘SUPREME’) and you just charge the express fee.

4. What about payment, how are we supposed to pay?

For the express fee of samples, you can pay directly to our PayPal. And for the orders in future, we have a company account in Bank of China. If you have other payment way, let us know and we can check if we can accept.

5. Is it possible for us to be your exclusive partner? Anyone who needs your products in US needs to go through us?

Let's start to work together and know each other better, also the sales result. There is always the possibility if you can sell well the product. 

6. What if something is damaged when we receive it?

Frankly, we have never this problem until now. The quality of our product is very good. Also, the product will be well protected before the shipping. And we can arrange a service company for you. Any damages caused by the transport, the service company will afford it. No service fee you need to pay, we charge it.

7. Can you share the UPC code for all your products?

As we never sell the products directly to the end clients, so we have no UPC code on our products. But if you need, please send us the UPC code and we can make it before the shipping.

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