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» Meet Leggyhorse: The Innovator in Custom Modular Photo Frames

Meet Leggyhorse: The Innovator in Custom Modular Photo Frames

2017/8/30 19:01:07

Leggyhorse, an innovative and creative new company aims to become the number one brand in the picture frame industry.

San Jose, CA, May 24, 2014- Leggyhorse, a start-up company that manufactures and designs its own range of creative picture frames, is aiming to use its innovative, original designs to establish itself as the number one picture frame brand in the industry.

Through its research, Leggyhorse has identified the fact that there are no well-known brands within the picture frame industry; Leggyhorse wants to be the name that everyone thinks of when it comes to picture frames.

Leggyhorse deals in the extra-ordinary and our company does not settle for anything less than the best. Only the finest materials are used to make our innovative frames and each one of them is finished to a high level of artistic excellence.

Commenting on this extra-ordinary line of new frames, lead designer Naya, said:

“A panorama is more than a beautiful way to display pictures.  It lets you say who you are.” 

Our elegant, creative frames are designed so that they can provide custom framing. This makes them ideal for use in any setting; they will add style and elegance to any home or office. Our 3D frames are convenient, easy to use and lightweight; they allow a great deal of customization. For instance, they can be used to create a modular frame, or the frames can be staggered to create a wall full of beautiful imagery.

To find out more about the company, or to order one of these original, new frames, visit:


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