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» A Perfect Deal

A Perfect Deal

2017/9/8 14:09:34

REVEALED: Exclusive Product That Will be Able to Boost Your Profits Exponentially.


LEGGY HORSE, a well-known brand in art craft picture frames and home décor products and a household name, is looking for trade companies and businesses in America and Europe to join hands with them to market and promote their booming business.

LEGGY HORSE’s artistically assembled photo frames are no secret to millions of photo enthusiasts who have called these the world’s finest photo frames.

From the beginning, LEGGY HORSE has led in the introduction of versatile, changeable and eye-popping picture frames in its aspiration to be decorative, fresh and innovative.

From our first creation, an assembled photo frame, we have crossed a long and trying path to our latest product, a reimagining of the picture frame

As the great French philosopher Jean de la Bruyere quotes “Out of difficulties grow miracles”.

For three years now, LEGGY HORSE has carved out a niche for itself in both, art craft picture frames and home décor products

But the making of an article is only half the battle. Selling it, today, counts equally.

So LEGGY HORSE has not stopped with improving the quality of its products but has also obtained patents for its products. Our products have 10 patents and 3 international patents.

And because of our core competence, it is difficult for competitors to replicate or compete with LEGGY HORSE.

Thus, with our brand name, top grade quality, core competence and patents, it will be very easy for you to market LEGGY HORSE products.


What do we provide our partners?

•       Brand and patent protection.

•       Investment on marketing.

•       Investment on advertising.

•       Ongoing products development.

When you breeze through our videos by clicking below, you’ll know in an instant why all the others are second best.

By and large, all this makes this an invaluable opportunity for any trade company or business interested in making a fortune.

We do want you in the select group we regard as “family”.

Contact us now :

EMAIL:   sales@leggyhorse.com

Or click here, leave your message now.

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