We devoted 2 years to material selection,compared more than 80 manufacturers,and spent 8 years on turning the first conceptual product into truth.

All the efforts are for quality, for life, and for you.

Leggy Horse is an innovative home décor corporation. “Combining fun and aesthetics in life is what Leggy Horse pursues,” said Naya Peng, the founder of Leggy Horse.

8 years ago, Naya hit her thumb accidentally when she tried to mount a set of photo frames onto wall. Looking at the blooding thumb, she got inspiration to create innovative photo frames that can be assembled easily.

She took it seriously.

With her effort in the past eight years, a series of innovative household products were invented. The debut product coming to the market is a set of flexible photo frame with unique assembling technology.

The innovative photo frame is the apple hitting her head, and it inspired her to start her business.

Yet her ambition is more than a photo frame, but a simple and smart life attitude.The attitude attracted a group of partners in the same pursuance.

Now Naya and her team are walking on this way ambitiously and firmly.

Leggy Horse has obtained more than 10 patents, 3 of which are under the protection of international PCT.

These patented techniques paved the way for continuous innovations.Let’s be patient, and see.

Brand Concept

Leggy Horse’s debut product is an undeniable breakthrough in home and office design. We started with Naya’s sleek gorgeous design and have created beyond the unparalleled 3D potential. To develop every frame to the point of perfection: this is Leggy Horse’s guiding maxim. Leggy Horse has put every effort into ensuring that its frames embody the company’s commitment to quality and artistic excellence. Naya creates custom framework and gives you no limits to bringing photo art to life. It adapts seamlessly to the fast pace of modern life, while simultaneously maintaining its air of elegance.

Leggy Horse manufactures exquisite works of art, and for people who want to design their own home decor panorama. All Leggy Horse frames are made with exclusively top-grade materials. We pay the utmost care to the detail and craftsmanship of our products.

Our Strengths


Leggyhorse is cooperating with professional OEM serving global luxury brands, such as Chanel, CK. Factory audit is welcome.


Each frame adopt top-grade materials and is strictly inspected before they leave the factory .


Leggy Horse Corp. has reserved more than 10 patents, and Leggyhorse photo frame has applied for 3 international patents(3 PCT).


Leggy Horse Corp. has an excellent design team. The patented products all are disruptive, and we will launch in the future.